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This a wonderful depiction of the story of the prodigal son. I was a little bit confused, though, by your use of the presence tense in the beginning of the story. You seem to indicate that the other brother has feelings of hatred for the prodigal. Later in the story, love begins to grow. Perhaps you might start the story in the past tense, reliving the other brother's return and then switch to the present as you climax the story. Just a thought...
I love the son offers his own life's lessons as a teaching tool for the other. I wonder if the prodigal in the
Bible reached out to his jealous brother in the same way...
"He is my parent’s sunshine, warm and vibrant, while I am but a moon, cold and lifeless with only a borrowed brightness." My fav line I've read so far today.
Good story. Enjoyed the read.
I love the Bible story of the prodigal son; and you have done a great job with yours; (far-be-it for me to tell a Masters-writer that "realize" is spelled with a "z".) Nicely done, however.
Excellent! We never hear another word in the Bible about the prodigal's brother, and you've given him a very compelling voice.
God forgives our sins and forgets them. We need to forgive ourselves but never forget! I loved the imagery of the prodigal taking out the rags of his past to remember where he had come from. But he always looked at the rags from the perspective of the robe. Good job.
This was wonderful - I really felt like I was inside this man's head! What an interesting take on a so familiar story. You added much to my thoughts about it. Great read!
nice piece...enjoyed
Good job giving us the other brother's perspective. I have been both brothers. Praise God, the loving Father, who loves them both.