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Poignant, somber reminder of God's commision to us and how important it is to spread the Truth of all triuths.

A sad story of mixed emotions, but one written well by the writers heart.
I agree! This is a powerful reminder to share Christ with others.
Yes, it's very sad that this is a true story. But possibly through the sharing of it, others may be brought into the kingdom, therefore creating a happier ending. At the least, it is very motivating for Christians to share their faith. God bless!
If this was in a hurry, what could you do with a lot of time. Wonderful, touching and important reminder. I sense so much depth in you from your writing. You are a rich soul and it shows in your writing. Great Job
Powerful, engaging story. Thank you for sharing these words.
I like this very much, and I think you did well to put the questions to your readers at the end. Not sure why the italicized dialog, unless it's just a style choice. This is very moving...even as I type this, I'm still haunted by those questions.
Important questions left to stir the heart of the reader. Excellently presented in a way that helps us all know the importance of spreading the Gospel. Having been on the mission field, I understand how cultural teachings can easily replace spiritual truth. Would that we all heed Jesus' last words before ascending: "Go ye into all the world...." Awesome! :)
Sadly, the notion of simply being a good person to get to heaven is universal. I'm always amazed when I hear people talk like that. How much more important that we, as Christians, spread the good news about God's grace and mercy.
Beatufiully written, Suzanne. I think it is powerful and thought-provoking as is. Nicely done!
Very thought provoking. Good message and well written.
A powerful reminder of what happens when we DON'T take the great commission seriously - and of the best motivations to do so. This was a compelling read!
sobering piece, questions I ask and are asked frequently.
I write this through tears. My heart is broken. I understand the tremendous need and the immense number of chances that we who call ourselves 'Christian' have missed over the centuries. God placed the responsibility in our hands and we have, for the most part, thrown it aside. Suzanne, your pen is mighty once again. I hold you in my prayers.
very good. I would get rid of the italics.
Wow - sad, but glad she finally heard the truth - wow. Really makes it hit home the importance of missionaries and supporting them- financially and in prayer.
When you read a beautiful piece like this, it reminds you how we should never take our knowledge of the Savior for granted. Bless you for reminding us how important He truly is.