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I thought this was a great tribute...nice twist at the end....I feel sorry for the girl.
My personal reaction to this story is: If R.W. wasn't my "cup of tea" 30 years ago, his success would not make me envious enough to make him my "Cup of Tea" today; however, well written...which is what we always expect from the Masters. (smile)
Your description of R.W. was excellent. I could really see him in my mind’s eye.
Terrific thought-provoking story! I'm wondering...does the girl feel any regret for how she treated him or just for not having what he has? It would be interesting to see this story expanded, perhaps at a reunion. Great job!
Very well-written, I could really feel and see what you were describing.

This is so typical of so many people in high school - the big nerd lacking social graces, the teasing kids, the embarrassed girl.

I wished you'd had more time at the end to develop what the girl was thinking.

So common too that the nerd in high school ends up happier and more well adjusted than those that did all the teasing.
Oooh, I really like this. It feels like a chapter of a book to me--one that I'd definitely want to read. Very good.
Did she go to the revival? Did she go on a Friday Night? I WOULD LOVE to read the next chapter. Excellent writing. You must be from Wisconsin (wink). Good writers come from there...
Super story! Nice flow. Enjoyed it very much!
Oh my, did I ever enjoy this story (so many parallels to the "brain" in MY geometry class I made the mistake of asking for help with an assignment!). I think I agree with above comments, especially the need for more!
Your descriptions were excellent. I felt like I was back in high school. It reminds me of the people I saw at my last class reunion. (Some of the "losers" were "winners" now and vice versa.)

This is an excellent beginning to a longer story. (Too bad about the 750 word limit.)

Thanks! I enjoyed it!

What a joy to read and oh so true of what happens to some of our peers from the good ole high school days.