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A truly great true. I could relate to it... God bless!
From one of those overcommitted ones - “Amen”. I enjoyed some of your comparisons, they were easy to understand and spoke volumes to me.
Oh amen! And can I please ride into the heavenlies on the skirttails of your prayer. You must have been reading my heart.
Wow! We can all relate and are humbled at His Provision that enables us to be in His Presence.

A prayer of every heart and soul, penned so beautifully and lovingly, we can feel His Love.

Your beatiful prayer of humility touched my heart. I am oft to busy. Thank you for this wonderful piece.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful and heartfelt prayer.
A prayer that Martha could have prayed after her Lord spoke to her of greater things. I think "for we weak mortals" should be written "for us weak mortals" ... I think. May God give you strength and wisdom in the coming weeks as you put this into practise! ;)
A wonderful metaphor in almost every paragraph! Outstanding!
What an awesome prayer! Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for sharing this great prayer.
What a prayer! So wise, so beautiful! Thank you, Suzanne, you've done us all good with this one! (ss you always do! :) )
When judging I found myself relating to this entry and was intrigued as to who the author could be. Imagine my surprise at it being our very own Suz! A thoughtful and thought-provoking piece. Well done.