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Cute and clever writing with great dialogue! Too bad we're capped with 750 words. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt and would have like to see a few more sentences. But a great, creative story on the topic of ABUNDANCE. Well done!
I do love the creative, I might almost say tangential, way you look at the topic week after week. And your dialogue, as always, is superb. Very funny.
Very cute! I love it! It would have been even better if the song told the meaning of the word, as well as how to say it. But the MCs reached out with abundance to the children. Good job!
I had to look at this twice.
Wow! You do have great dialect,I felt as if I were there watching them.

Bags I the t-shirt with the "A" on it! They were very enthusiastic teens and not particularly well mannered Sunday school kids! But did they pass on the message about what abundance was really about? I guess I am too serious! Hey I am a teacher - give me a break!
Creative! Fun! And a good idea! :)

I had fun along with the kids! :) And that's a good thing!
I felt like one of the kids in the class. I could actually see the two leaders shakin it out on the sunday school dance floor;)
The dialogue was great and I couldn't agree with the pastor more. Great story.

And write on topic too! Well done.
ok... this is funny! I could see the scene. An original take on abundance! lol! The only thing I didn't like was the story starting with a quote ... my little nit pick. You'll score ok!
Haha! I should've guessed this sparkler was yours, Jess! This was pure joy to read--extremely believable dialogue. And your tie-in at the end kicks religious mind-sets in the Buns! Way to go!
Very funny and clever. One nitpick - you had the whole story through the guy's head, and then at the end you jumped to the pastor who we hardly knew in a personal way. It's a point of view shift.
Well done, you made me laugh.
This was very visual and funny--I loved it.
Now this is a unique twist on words. I loved it.