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Great entry. If this is true (and it reads that way) it is a wonderful story of the effectiveness of prayer. I'm glad you asked for the help you needed and received such an abundant response.
This touched me! What a powerful testimony on the power of prayer as well as how God can use a traumatic situation for good
That was so encouraging. I loved the scrap book with the emails in it! That was very heart warming.
Your story is a perfect illustration of the truth of I Corinthians 1: 3-5 " also our comfort is abundant through Christ." Thanks for sharing.
I hope this entry goes in the scrap book too. How precious.

When you do put it in the scrap book, you might want to change two tiny little things: 'babys surviving' should be 'baby's survival' or 'baby surviving' and 'to surf the internet'. My nit-pickiness only. This reads very well.
P.S. '... surfed every website', not 'surfed the internet' - sorry!
Great heartfelt story/testimony to God's abundance even in our time of need!
Great testimony! Very well constructed piece, and moving, too. Nice opening and ending...Haley Grace deserves the best, and she got it! Hope you save this in the family album!
It is amazing how crisis changes our faith level, and brokeness places us right in the palm of His hand; where He wants us. The scrapbook is such a special alter to His faithfulness. This is so conversational and real. Great job!
the first para really grabbed me ... the rest of the piece didn't disappoint. Great emotional telling. Very very good.
You told this story very well Jim, and reminded us all of the difference it makes to respond to prayer requests, even if it only takes a moment.
I was especially moved by the paragraph about flipping the coin--I don't know why, but it touched me. Probalby because it just really made your emotional state very real. Wonderful story, full of grace.
Oh, yeah. Great job. Very gripping and believable. Loved it.
Jim, this brought me back in time when both my best friend and I were expecting and believe it or not we were both due April 14th. My best friend's water broke Jan 05th but through the power of prayers they both managed to make it to the 32nd wk and he was born Feb 28th. I went to visit her little miracle while still pregnant myself and I think it scared my daughter...she ended up three wks late. Anyhow, when I got out of the hospital we met for lunch and ended up taking a picture of our little ones. Again, believe it or not, her son was 4" taller and 6lbs heavier. The power of prayer.

I believe your entry to be true, as such, I too shall pray for Haley Grace.