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Wonderful is the sweet peace available to those who will reach for it, and so sad the pain in those that refuse it. Excellent story, well written.
I loved the setting of this story, yet it could be anywhere, in any marriage. Great writing, with a deep understanding and portrayal of the preoccupation of satisfying oneself v. resting in the peace of God.
This was beautifully told and, I think, could really minister to a lot of hurting couples. A gentle reminder of pain that is not always seen. Great job!
Beautiful. I love the ending especially.
Beautifully told story. Unique setting and character descriptions.
One of the reasons why I love reading your pieces is that you are so "God focased." You write a beautiful story that always points towards God. That must speak about you as a person as well. Beautiful job Ann, like usual.
What a wonderful character you've created in Marit! She seemed very real, and her spirit really spoke to me. Lovely.
Wonderful contrast of two people reacting differently to the same situation.

I hope you consider posting a mirror story of the same scene so we can see what's inside Bjorn's head. And then weave them together.

You created strong, real characters in a handful of words.
Very visual, great characters.
Another woven tapestry of emotion and life - of God the golden thread that completes the picture. Beautiful, deep and real. Lovely.
You are a master story teller. This is wonderful. I felt as if I were there with them. (And really glad I wasn't). Beautiful job.
Another masterpiece! I love the setting and the language. You've done an amazing job portraying it all so eloquently. This is absolutely fabulous!
Alive! This poignant story brims with life, as though there is a hidden current of energy rolling beneath the precious, hard-won serenity of your mc. Then, at the end, it bubbles to the surface in her communion with her Lord. "The fires glowing embers danced to a silent lullaby and cast a youthful blush on Marits face."--Perfect symbolic imagery. Her husband's bitterness batters her from all sides, yet the sap from her connection to the Vine is continually renewing and recreating her. There is so much to ponder here...Awesomely inspiring piece!
God our reward . . .