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This is a horrendous yet very beautiful story of deep faith. Very well written. I felt his emotions, his pain, his peace and joy. Great writing!
Amazing. It makes me cringe yet I know there is hope in the end through the suffering . Great descriptions; it made me feel like I was there watching such a remarkable demonstration of courage.
Wow! This was great. And certainly exemplifies 'purposefulness'. I'm a little perturbed probably by what was a standard line back then and not specific - "I am a Christian and we commit no wrongdoing." But I'm sure the context meant that it was in terms of denying her faith.

Thanks for bringing to life this history which is a challenge to all of us still today.
Excellent re-telling of this story. On a tecnical note, if you have 'Ponticus and I' as the object of the verb (i.e. the people that something is done to ), then it should be 'Ponticus and me'. Thoroughly good take on 'peace'.
Very powerful imagery! I felt like I was there in their sufferings. Thanks for making us aware of these times of persecution.
Wow - powerful story! There a couple of small errors, but the worst one was that your hint said you were in Advanced. I couldn't find it!
A horric part of history, but a great example of what it truely means to have faith and peace in the face of adversity, and stand by it. Well done!
WOW! Powerful stuff. You did an amazing job bringing this tragedy to life. Thanks.
You did an awesome job with this difficult subject. And I really appreciated the note at the end, directing us to the website. We need to read stories like this every now and then, to shake us out of our comfort zones. Very good.