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I loved the way this concept was weaved into an ordinary day. It's made me think - and that's a good thing!

Great everything about this story. Scene, dialogue, voice, message - just everything. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed this one!

Who would WANT to be employed by a boss like that??? I wouldn't. I thought the sweat pouring down her face was a bit incongruous. Definitely an intriguing way to pray. Write well.
Hey - I thought I'd invented the alphabet prayer! (I use it to help me get to sleep instead of counting sheep)Good piece, with a good message in it.
You'd recieve a five for creativity from me. great work!
Great story! I was a tad confused about the job reassignment thing, but I think I figured it out, and she was glad to get a different assignment, right? Good job!
This is great, had me on pins and needles, and the ABC prayer is just the sort of thing that appeals to the word-player in me. I'll be experimenting with it, for sure!
Good job. You kept the pace all the way through. I really enjoyed it.
Wow - what a great idea! Alphabet praying. It sounds like a great prayer to keep you focused. Gotta try that one. Anyway...excellent concept, nice story flow. And anything that mentions "coffee" gets my vote. LOL
Hey Suz!
This is brilliant. I have to admit I'm with Amy- I was a bit confused about the job bit at the end, but only momentarily. I figured it out, and I think it has less to do with your writing and more to do with the fact that I need another coffee (or perhaps an alphabet prayer?!) anyway, absolutely wonderful story. I felt this nervous tension all the way through, like a suspensful part in a movie! You could easily expand this into a novel I reckon. In your "spare time"!! ha ha
love ya, and so does Zion,
This was great Suzanne and could easily have been in the EC because you were so creative with your story.
Suz! It's been a while. Beautiful prayer. It really is.
Great submission.
I got a little confused at the Angie-Jane exchanges since Angie was the one praying.
Lovely thought to how we should be spending each waking moment.