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Rejection that brought forth a happy ending. He caused all things to work...
Good story.
I loved this.
Great opening line - really grabbed my interest. What a testimony to the grace of God that they remained friends! Such single-mindedness!
I loved this, from the grabber of a title to the last stroke!
this was good! The title too grabbed me but I liked the way you told the story...good detail and showed the characteristics.
I also enjoyed this. Good job!
I liked the way that you had "deep theology" mixed in with a romantice tale. Good story!
Wow--this is excellent! Just like another story in masters, I was fully convinced that this was written by a man, and was an autobiographical account. I laughed at his passionless proposal, and the kicker with the younger sister was just perfect.
masterfully written, as always. You wanted some specific suggestions... I personally thought the ending was weak. There was such a build up of the story that I flet the ending should have been built more around the resolution of their relationship. Instead, you pointed to the purposfullness of Serena's life.. met the theme, but I think hurt the story. But, that's just me. Your writing, as always, is nearly perfect. COngrats on another inspiration!
Enjoyed your storyline and originality. You always write exceptional. :) Jo
A story written by a master story weaver with a gift from the Master!
This was a pleasure to read. I liked that they not only remained friends, but family also. Good job.
I also liked how they remained friends, co-labourers, and became family. Well written.
Great story, superbly told
Based on a true story, eh?? Excellent writing, as always. Serena definitely was intent on fulfilling her purpose(fulness LOL). I enjoyed this one, Suz. Great job!
Blessings, Lynda

You can write anything! Fabulous! I love true stories (or based on true stories) so this was a winner with me. You made this story fast moving,realistic, inspiring, creative, different! I loved it! Great work!
Absolutely lovely! I had to read it because of the title and you sucked me right along. Wonderful!