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Can you hear me clapping? Not only is this story a light read, it also carries a very important message: WE WERE MADE TO GLORIFY GOD. I wish i was there to see the scientist's face as he discovered his PURPOSE. But I do wish there was something like PEN. It would save a lot of us headaches and fruitless years trying to find our purpose in life.
Just joking. God made it so that we always return to him in seeking our purpose in life.
Thanks for sharing. Hope it places.
This should be read each morning, before a single foot touches the floor. If we did, we'd be one of the "People everywhere, living fully realized lives—no more unsatisfying jobs or fruitless relationships! Using the PEN each morning, we all would discover our own meaningful, purposeful, productivity!
Brilliantly satisfying sci-fi sermon! TO GLORIFY GOD...and of course, to enjoy Him forever. I'm hooked!
Loved it! This story is creative, funny, intriguing, and very on topic. A real delight to read and if that is not enough—it is very well written too!
Delightful, creative! "To glorify God." YES!
Wow!! This was wonderful! Very creative work here!! One of my favorites for imagination and meaning!!!
Now that's what I call a creative entry! This should score high.
Very creative story! I love it!
Even if it doesn't score high, it scored high with me! OMG! I was drawn in, waiting for some silly response from the PEN about everyone's purpose. Thought of all the books out there on the subject and then read on as you brought it back around to the truth of the matter . . . to glorify God! HA Great stuff!!!
Very clever! :)
wow, Jan, can't you give the rest of us a chance? lol! I think you might have won with this piece except for one fatal error. Cats: To bring joy to humans? Cats bring no joy! They're misery! You really should fact check before you write! ;-) Kidding aside. Msterfully written. You'll score well as you hit in every judging catagory. Another well done piece. Excellent.
Ok, where to begin...

Jan, you're a liar. Yes, you heard me a LIAR! And it looks like you're going to have to buy brownies once again. I'll be at 7-11 picking up the diet cokes. Yes, it's great. I don't know what you were thinking calling this one "horrible." It was wonderful. You nailed the topic. Fabulous job!
Excellent and creative. "To Glorify God" ... definitely tops on my list this week.
Excellent, brilliant, fantastic, creative... it's just a great heart warming, affirming read. Thank you.
Excellent, Jan... and brilliant as always.
Bravo! Bravo! Wonderfully and cleverly written - AS ALWAYS! Every week you confirm your brilliance as a writer. This one had it all - particularly a bold message, relayed in a non-preachy way. Awesome!
Wow!!! I love this!! With two agnostic brothers, I was totally engrossed! Wonderfully written, Jan!
Amazing as always! Such a creative piece, I would have never thought of something like this. I see this placing in EC for sure!
Great job Jan! This was fun! Zoltan Krebnitz - very creative. I hope this does make the book.
My gosh - to get into your brain! You're a creative genius. What more can I say? Loved it. :) Jo
This is so clever. Great job. I loved it.
This is so clever! I hope you get it published so many more can have the pleasure of reading it! Thanks!

As a child at an Anglican school, every week, we had to recite the catechism. "What is man's chief end? To enjoy God and glorify Him forever." Your story would have made the message sink in much better!

Perfectly on topic, extremely well written, entertaining with a real message - wow.
You go girl! (heehe...lady) Congratulations! I'm so glad that this gets in the book. It's excellent and a well-deserved win!
Well Jan. I can see why you hated this entry. it really sucked. LOL. Congrats!!!!!!!! So proud. We can actaully celebrate with brownies together this week. I didn't think that would ever happen! LOL
Congratulations! This is a great, entertaining story, right on target with the topic!
Congratulations, Jan! So glad this piece won; it was going around in my mind all week. Your creativity is absolutely inspiring! Paint me green.
Very clever lesson on our purpose Jan, and of course, your writing always brings the visuals in so well. Congrats!
Love it!!!
Woo Hoo! What a great entry. Jan, you blow my mind. That was FUN and packed with meaning.
My nine year old daughter likes this too. She didn't understand why the scientists didn't want to glorify God, though. :)
Oh wow, Jan! What a creative mind! Excellent message. You're a living example of fulfilling your purpose to glorify God - with your PEN.
Wow--this is incredible. What a powerful message. I love that science turned on the scientists. If only...