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Very enjoyable! Loved the way of using their elements to describe their 'character'.
very impressive. This has "master" written all over it. Incredibly written.
Exceptionally creative!
Truly creative. Your title complements your story.
HA! Loved this! Esecially loved the names "Weepy," Mrs. Oakly, Miss Figgie,Mr. Fugi Yapple... wonderfully creative. Packed a good punch, too. Very appropriate take on "prosperity." Absolutely superb! Blessings, "Y" :-)
Love the way you gave every one of them a distinct personality. This had to have been fun to write, because it was loads of fun to read!
I was worried at the beginning. Then the names really caught my attention and the storyline was just fine. In the end, though, I think there were a few too many characters ... although they were each unique and well done. Still a fun and enjoyable read! Thanks for the fun!
Great and entertaining story. I loved the characters.
Character names are cute...and the "board group" - that's a stitch. :-)

Out-of-the-box and refreshing!
Creative, well written, fun to read. Love it!!