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Funny funny! Nice take on the Millionaire game with a tongue in cheek ending.
fabulous. Light, yet serious. great read. Written well. Wonderful message. Maybe it will place!? Great work
Maybe your character didn't win, but I see confetti flying all over this entry. :0) This is so creative and well of my favorites.
Held my interest throughout!

I agree---good writing here.
This had me cracking up, Lynda! Rebus!! Too funny, clever and cute. Great job. :) Jo
This is exceptionally clever and witty. What a pleasant read, and when you're done, you've been taught a valuable lesson, utterly painlessly. Way to go!
Well done, a lightherated that packs a punch!
'...Ill even tithe!' :) So perfect! And so much fun to read when I know who it is! (I probably would have guessed anyway)

Great, great message! Loved the 'voices' in dialogue, the humor behind the humor - just everything. I laughed.

ps. I'm getting better at longer comments - have you noticed?

This is great, and such a joy to read. I loved the creativity here and the lessons it teaches.
Very good, and tough to pull off a storyline like this ... that reads as a spoof and the reader has preset images in their mind. My only little nit pick was that the ending wasn't quite dramatic enough when she lost. Aside from that, well done and let's see where this one places! :-)
What a wonderful and creative take on the Millionaire game. You came through very well with this and if you don't win, some sort of prize should be given you.
Too cute!! Very fun! Right to the point. :-)
Oh, this is wonderful. It has drama, humor and the message shines bright.
Congrats on your win! What a fun entry. Funny, funny, funny, with a great little message.
I'm back to say WOO HOO! I just loved this piece! Jo
Congratulations! This is a great piece! I really enjoyed the story-line.
By the way, what is a mulligan?
Congratulations, Linda! I enjoyed this immensely, but I refrained from commenting on this piece because I was half in shock. The first part of the week I, too, had a quiz show idea percolating for my entry, but it wouldn't quite come together. You definitely topped anything I would have attempted. Go, girl!