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Go Grammie go!
The ending of this just cracked me up. Love the parallels between the generations--very cute story.
Too cute! You've brought us into the world of Sammie so well. Great job.
Adorable. I believed your 13 year old heroine was 13 and in puppylove. Grammie was sweet. Great job.
This was terrific. You held my attention through the entire story. You have an awesome ability with dialogue and you were REAL! No phony stuff here. I also liked the fact that you didn't let colorful words dictact your stroy. You allowed the reader to visualize, without getting too wordy. All in all, great job!
Liked the lesson involved here ... and liked the characters. It felt to me like "chick-lit" ... which is a bazillion dollar a year genre but something that I can't quite sink my teeth into. That doesn't take away from the quality of the writing, though. You did good and really portrayed the characters well. Congrats!
Well done, nice lite and fun essay. Send this to Focus on the Family, their teen magazine would probably love it.
I liked this. Almost any female reading this will think of "someone" and remember the heartache. So hard and sad, those crushes. Yup, good point too- love is a verb.
I loved it. My grandmother, widowed for 30 years and living in a nursing home, remarried at 83. Grandma's still got it.
A nice story, and I enjoyed the little twist thrown in at the end. You did a good job portraying a 13 year old girl with an infatuation.
I've had a few crushes... and worse. So, I think hte character is way good. The Grannie is sweet as well. Nice job!
Thank you for writing a story I didn't have to force myself to finish. Nice job.
Oh, what a cutie pie of a story! Adorable for sure! This 'simple' story took boo-koodles of skill to write!! Loved it!
Puppy love strikes at any age! I love it! Go Grannie Go! She could teach those whipper-snappers a thing or two!

Simply precious and a blast from the past! ;)
Well written, shows why you are in the masters.