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Liked it. Very readable and enjoyable without a lot of bull. Good Gospel!
I love this woman's voice! It rings absolutely true--plain and simple, no nonsense--but with strong passions, too. Wonderful.
I absolutely love this voice! I love how it was written with the flowing thoughts of this woman of custom and hard work.

There is a unique/special quality to this story and I immencely enjoyed the read.

A really great job of writing!
Great job! I really like the voice of your narrator and the repetition that the good things that had come were not the best thing. The conclusion was strong. Excellent writing, creative angle.
I didn't quite understand what the pigs had to do with the husband's salvation, but I too, enjoyed this story. I like the tone. Great job!
The thing that really stands out in this piece is the character development... you really brought out the character... we got to know her very well. I think in the process we sacrificed a little of the story's cohesiveness, but the strong character pulled things home. Good job!
I loved it. Great job.
Your story was very enjoyable to read. Good job! I especially liked the line, "Love found me." This is so true!
I didn't quite follow the storyline but I sure loved the writing. What a wonderful character!
I really liked this one, it had such atmosphere with details about the food, climate, farming, marriage traditions, etc. Gives me just a tiny glimpse into all that I have to be grateful for, as well as maybe some of the blessings we overlook by not having such simplicity in out way of life - well done!
Interesting, read it twice.
This really stands out for its unique voice! I enjoyed was sweet and well-written. Jo
I not only found love in your story, but hope for a better future as well. I felt the love that you have for the people of this particular country. I too, read it twice!