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I could picture both characters really well. I liked the "strong arms" and "strong love" bit. I found the time sequence to be confusing. Am I right in understanding that the paragraph "For ten year" takes place ten years later than the previous paragraphs? I am not sure that the message of inner strength came across really well for me.
Lovely touching tribute to enduring love, and a great take on the theme
This one packed a lot of emotion.. the image of the elderly lady and her too proud husband. Could be anybody's grandparents / parents. We all know them. My only complaint on this was the 10 year jump at the end. The rest of the story was immediate and realtime and very powerful. Still, you'll score well. Nothing to worry about there! Congrats on a great piece!
Oh this is so sweet! It is so totally like my grand parents. That whole great generation from WWII. Really liked it. Whoever wrote this is a total pro!
I knew this couple too. What a beautiful description.

Ditto re. the 10 year jump. Apart from that, I also loved it.

Well done.
Great detail! I loved the characters.
Perfect story for this topic. I particularly liked how you portrayed the love and understanding between these two. Great job!
I'm not really an emotional reader--stories rarely bring tears to my eyes. But this one did, because it was just so very, very lovely. I love this character! Wow.
Oh, wow. Janet, this is fantastic! You sucked me right in! Your character descriptions are excellent and the story portrays "inner strength" very well.
You have created such in-depth, believable characters. I've seen that kind of love and devotion in both my grandparents and parents. Excellent job. Skillfully done!
This story is a wonderful vehicle for conveying your message about trusting God one day at a time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs daily reminding to "fear not!" Congratulations on your win!