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That was great teaching on the life of Caleb. To have a "different spirit" is something we can all aspire to. I thought the style of writing was easy to read and I didn't feel talked down to, or lectured - very encouraging.
Great lesson... and a well written devotional / teaching piece. Obviously a skilled writer. I think it could have used one more edit ... still a couple of extraneous words ... nothing major. And I would have preferred to see the theme of "tune" and "singing" repeated throughout the piece, not just in the title and at the end. Would have ramped the message up a notch. Still, excellent points about Caleb. Very well done!
Like reading a Sunday School lesson. Very well done! I totally never think about Caleb.
Wow! Of all days to read this, today was the day I needed it most. I too have never thought about Caleb. But by God's grace, I am going to take the hill in front of me for His glory! Thank you for having the courage to write and post this article.
I like the way you finish with the question - '... ready to sing?'. The alliteration of the two tunes is perhaps slightly corny ... personal comment only ... don't take it to heart. Overall, this piece is great. The touch about Caleb attending many funerals was great. Thanks for the teaching and reminder of what it means to be like Caleb and Joshua.
Great title that sums it up in the end. Sermonettes or devotionals aren't usually my cup of tea - but this was different. Very well written, interesting and kept me intrigued. One suggestion; Footnote the scripture this story comes from for those who are unfamiliar with the Bible Story. Nicely done. I liked and enjoyed this very much and message was very clear.
Preach it! I can just hear this one from the front of the church! Wonderfully done.