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I wish I had written this. You wrote some memorable lines such as "Her biscuits were soft pillows for her homemade jams and jellies," and "luscious fruit pies, each bite, ambrosia on the tongue." (The definition of ambrosia is "food for the gods.") These lines stirred up memories of my own grandmother and her country cooking.

I drew the line, though, at holding the chicken while she deftly chopped off its head with her hatchet, letting it run wildly in circles around the barnyard, bumping into things it couldn't see, and leaving a crooked trail of blood behind.

I hope this nostalgic piece places high. It deserves it!
Oh, my! The description of the beheaded chicken drew on my childhood memories. It was my, and my siblings and cousins, job to pluck the feathers after the chicken had been placed in boiling water. Apparently, that made feathers easier to pluck. Good writing.
This is a brilliant piece. You had such wonderful descriptions and even though I knew what was coming, you still had me captivatated from beginning to end.
No way would I even consider being in that position! Well done.
You summed up my sentiment! I can't pluck feathers either.
I heard stories about chicken markets from my great grandmother, whose husband owned one. I was a little girl listening to the stories such as yours.

Great job with writing, and certainly on topic.

Well done.

Boys Howdy! I was raised a long way from Kentucky, but our recipe beginning with a live chicken and ending with dinner is the same.

That put you off fried chicken for life, but not me. You through plenty of verbs and adjectives. Reading your Master level writing is helping me. Thanks.
Congratulations on ranking 11th overall. Happy Dance!
Sorry, hit wrong button. Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!!!!!