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If only more problem drinkers would come to this realization. Thank you for taking us on this grandmother's journey and realization. Nicely done.
What a very real (unfortunately) picture you painted. I'm glad the story has hope at the end!
Beautiful truth filled story, thank you for sharing with us.

I had never heard that expression, but definitely an "out-of-the-box" take on the topic.

The dialogue paragraphs could use some spacing.

A very fun read on a serious topic. We all have "hurts, habits, and hang-ups" that Celebrate Recovery can help us through.
You pictured clearly and realistically a really sad condition too many people find themselves in, but you also presented hope. I like that.
The expression was new to me, so I learned something. I like how you wove it into the conversation in the story. Well done on a difficult topic.
Brave. Transparent. Honest. And I am sure, cathartic for you to share. Thank you for letting us in to a deeply personal experience. The grace and mercy of God is enormous.
I love your take on this topic. You introduced me to a new phrase which I'd never heard before and you presented a heartbreaking account of a person bound by the chains of alcoholism. Oddly, this happened to my father-in-law many years ago when he took his first grandson (our son) fishing. He had been an alcoholic for many years but as he watched the little 4-year-old boy standing so innocently there by the creek, he vowed then and there not to be the wrong example to his precious grandson. He never took another drink and it was all because of a child he dearly loved. Just like your beautiful story! Well done!
I've also never heard that saying. I'm glad the MC was able to get help for her addiction.
This is such a heartbreaking story and one that is true for far too many people. I think you did a wonderful job of tackling a difficult subject. The dialog felt a bit forced. I'd guess both the child and the MC might speak in shorter, incomplete sentences. Although I could picture a child totally puzzled by drinking dog hair and then leaping to Nana being bitten by a dog. It was a nice balance. I liked the information you gave at the end. I'd never heard of Celebrate Recovery until just a bit ago, but it seems to be popping up more and more, which I think must be a good thing.