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Excellent writing. I was drawn in right at the beginning with your descriptions and held throughout. I like how you presented and dealt with the tough situation of the honest truth sometimes being a matter of life or death.
Excellent writing here. Such an amazing thing these two midwives (Puah and Shiphrah) did to help prevent genocide by the Pharoah.

Just think, without these two women, no Moses, no exodus, no promised land and no Christ. Not that God would ever let His plan fail, but just so amazing at how it all hinged on these two women standing against the mightiest ruler in the world at the time.

Your writing was both beautiful and descriptive and your characters so realistic.

Excellent work!
This is truly a beautifully written piece. Loved the word picture of first paragraph. Had to read one paragraph several times, looking for hint/word that the soldiers were looking at a baby girl.
I mean this as constructive, I think having "honestly" in the last sentence weakens the story. But this was well done.
Descriptive writing at its best!! All showing and bringing us into the moment! Well done.