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Excellent! I first thought this topical piece was going in a straight laced direction, until I reached the lighter side and then it was a laugh a line. You rounded it off well with the scriptural note, and overall made interesting use of the topic. Methinks this entry has great potential. You could say I like it!
I liked the introduction of humor into this story. I think most of us have heard the other political side for too long.
A great story of pertinent magnitude written with just the right amount of humorous infusion.

Well done! I loved the scritpural reference the most.


"Scriptural" reference...

Quite superb writing. I enjoyed this from beginning to the end. You had several layers to the story, and it is great. I'm sure you'll do well with the judges.
Congrats Noel!
"Yawn" no surprise here...
Congratulations, Noel, on your 10th place EC award. I always enjoy your humor infused stories.
Congratulations, Noel. Love the truth and humor, especially since I stood in a line for an hour and half to vote on Tuesday. Good job. God bless.

Thank you for bringing out the lighter side of this presidential campaign.

I believe the candidates l left in the arena could all use a copy of your story.

Congratulations on your EC Award.
I will join Camille in a yawn... no surprise here! Congratulations!
This is delightful. At first, it seems like just another essay moaning about politics, but at exactly the right point, you turned it around and made me seriously laugh. Your pacing was perfect. I think you did a fantastic job of making this fresh, interesting and while delivering a great message. Simply brilliant as always. Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!
Classic! Really enjoyed the humor in this piece. You are so good at it. Congrats on your well deserved EC!
Thank you for your lighthearted yet informative campaign-a-logue.

I enjoyed it very much during this definite smear year- oh dear.