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Ha! I loved the ah-ha moment, and then, of course, I went back for a reread to capture every bit of this Aged Traveler's journeys. This is my kind of humor. Fine poetic elements are in this whimsical poem, too. I especially appreciated your alliteration. I would have loved to have seen the wheels turning while you were writing this. :)
I agree... the aha moment was perfect. I never suspected that the traveler was a tag along piece of forgotten luggage.
Cute. You definitely surprised me.
Very nice! What travels more than luggage? :-) Caught me offguard LOL
Hee hee. After I "got" it, I had to reread to enjoy all the details I had missed before I "got" it. Very clever. I enjoyed this.
So profoundly unique!

God bless~
I liked the unique perspective of this traveler. I didn't catch on until about the middle of this piece.

Well done!
Congratulations on ranking 29 overall. Happy Dance!
I think this is absolutely brilliant. Your POV is so fresh and refreshing. I bet there's not another story out there like this one. I've been told that personifying inanimate objects isn't everyone's cup of tea. I totally disagree. One of my favorite stories I've written was from the POV of a wave in the ocean. I thought it quite clever, yet it didn't do well at all for that same reason. Maybe I'm strange because I like things like that. I could easily picture a suitcase such as the one you describe and find myself wondering what stories it could tell. Just like a tsunami feeling bad because that's what God made him to be, not meaning to ever hurt anyone might be hard to wrap one's head around, I'd rather read something that takes me by surprise. I love twist endings. I did spot your clues, and caught on fairly fast, but still hung onto every word to see if I was right. (I thought at first it might be the family dog, but I think luggage is way more clever.) I also think it's brilliant as an analogy. We carry so much baggage and how easy would it be to hand that burden to Christ so it doesn't get marred or wrinkled or have to be dragged all over our internal worlds. The last line also speaks volumes about our metaphorical luggage. Again, brilliant writing (at least in my humble opinion! ;) ) Hugs.