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This is such a creative piece. I was laughing and smiling through it all. Well-written, and the title led me right in!
Loved it! Creative, entertaining and hysterical and all the while sticking with the biblical account, albeit a slightly deranged version. Day seven, I'm coughed up onto a beach tickled me. And your final paragraph, Jonah, God's astronaut was priceless. This piece could only be written by a madman!
Totally brilliant and I'll never look at Jonah the same way again! It's really hard to take a well-known story like this and show it in a completely fresh way. But you've done that - and how! I really hope to see this in the winner's circle. Awesome job!
stunning! brilliant! engaging! I love the introspective tone these humorous journal entries create:) Great stuff!!!
This is a whale of a story. I enjoyed the creative and fun retelling.

I especially enjoyed the following lines:

Joppas' crowded seafront gives pier-pressure ... and the last two paragraphs.

This story blows my mind. Engaging and entertaining.You didn't keep me in the dark for long. All's whale that ends whale.
Jonah and his overseas (working) vacation are great for this topic. I really like the contrast of the overseas and underseas. (only you would come up with that). :) I felt this a prophet-able read. Poor Jonah! This entry is the off the charts in creativity.
OK, so I'll retract the madman and replace it with genius, as that's what this entry deserves. Congratulations on your EC placing. Brilliant job!
Congratulations on your EC win. Ingenious piece of work. This piece of work put a smile on my face and a skip in my step. If Jonah had read this tale, he probably wouldn't have fallen asleep in the boat.
Congratulations on your 2nd place EC award, Noel. I am glad your creative genius was recognized.
You're ever entertaining with your cleverness gone riotous!

Your family must wear perpetual grins.
Great take on this topic! I'm very glad you included the last footnote. So many focus on Jonah and the fish and don't see the real story. (My Sunday School class is memorizing the whole book. We are almost done.) Congratulations on your EC.
Congratulations, Noel, on your EC 2nd place win. Your creative and amusing recounting of the Jonah story, with much embellishment, made for great reading.
Great job, and entertaining as always! Congratulations on the EC 2nd place!
Loved this humorous version of Jonah's story. What a creative way to describe the scene of his over and "underseas" vacation. You are a talented writer. Congratulations!
Noel! I was rereading this and just had to comment on how clever you are:) for anyone familiar w/Jonah, this can bring nothing but satisfaction! Well done:)
I'm a little late on this...but congrats!

Great job.

God bless~