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That roll of film gift :) followed by the meal and casseroles of photographic flubbery. Your progression to the parents even wearing our clothes! was entertaining humor at its best. :) I appreciated your message of what cameras record compared to Gods grace reaching to who we really are. You have a great title! I enjoyed your entry that dares the reader to smile.
I echo Beth's comments above and laughed all the way through. Especially 'a jigsaw depicting a sea of icebergs.' 'If you had a blackberry you ate it,' and 'heads getting further away from feet.' It was all so funny and yet led smoothly to that one-liner affirmation at the end. Job's a good 'un, as they say.
This was a great read, though I didn't expect to have to focus so closely this early in my day. That turned out to be a good development, though.
"Casseroles of photographic flubbery" haha! You have a true talent Noel:) I was hooked, and on a piece that wasn't a narrative; (that doesn't happen for me) which is just a testament to what good writing does for the reader. Great work here!
This was a fun read. So true about the young kids as teachers.
Delightful trip down memory lane. Especially loved the PhD!
Oh, your puns made me shutter! But I guess the subject lens itself to such... >.>

I am indeed very spoiled with my digital camera. Lucky, very lucky. As evidenced by the 5 million pictures I brought back from our recent vacation to Idaho. And some of them are even pretty good. :P
You have quite an audience of fans my friends! Ha-Ha!

Anyhow, this was great fun and a brilliant approach to the topic. I loved it.

I especially loved this part:
Back then; if you had a blackberry, you ate it; if you had a Bluetooth, you made an appointment with your dentist; and cameraswith light meters, time exposures and rotating flash bulbsrequired a PhD to operate. (Thats a Press here, Dummie! button)
Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Great stuff.

You are an original my friend, a true original. Picture perfect...and nothing negative to be found in your flawless writing!

Great job! This will garner a win for sure.

God bless~
The title is brilliant! Very well written and interesting piece. I loved the message at the end that just wrapped it all up nicely. Great job!