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God bless~
I get the feeling this is the opening scene of a bigger story. I'm hooked and looking forward to what comes next and finding out more about the old woman introduced at the end. Well done!
This is one of those stories that makes me want more. You drew me in with the mystery of who the MC would turn out to be and left me to make my own mind up at the end. I decided the old lady was the mother who for whatever reason handed her child over to the 'aunt' to bring up. This could be the first chapter of an interesting novel. Great job!
Very good! Mystery, intrigue, adventure. And the border collie yapping at her heels... love that metaphor and how it chased her all the way to find "herself" across the country.
This story captivated me--searching, searching, finding, but best of all, found! Great job.
The way you employ figurative language is enriching. It frames the mood and characters wonderfully!

I must say, you lost my attention briefly in the middle, but finished brilliantly, leaving me wanting to know more:)
I sometimes hate the word count limit - especially when I read the start of what could become an epic novel. Keep writing and fill us in with more of the adventure . . .

God bless~