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This is awesome! Very funny and cleverly done.
Glad to see that somehow you got this posted! :) The favorite Bible verses were so funny (and goes to show you can prove anything you like with scripture taken out of context) I have to admit the epitome of laziness would be deciding which foot is needed to move to avoid a snake! (both mine and my body would be moving at a fast pace at first suggestion of a snake) This was such light-hearted fun and I enjoyed the read!
If you tell me who posted this for you, I'll keep your secret? :) I completely enjoyed every line and quip of your sloth-filled humor. I was smiling from the first stanza on. Your title is hilarious!
I loved the title and smiled to the end. Loved it all. Great job! I haven't been Baptist for a long time. They outlawed dancing? :)
So enjoyable! Yours plays on Christian references were hysterical! Great job
I don't know if the judges will agree, but your ditty sure did entertain me. And more than once I nodded my head and said, "Yep. Me too."
Oh, this is cute. I like it. :)
If you wanted to make me smile, you succeeded wonderfully--so see--you're not so lazy after all. My favorite example was being too lazy to see on which foot the snake was going to fall!
Started with nothing and have most of it left!

This was funny from start to finish. Good one!
Flipping 'eck, you lazy bounder,

Is your belly getting rounder?

Your prose I fear is skilful-not,

Makes me think you've lost the plot!


Somehow, daft as it appears,

I laughed until I spilt some tears

This poem of yours has sealed your fate,

Don't give up the day job mate!!!

I taketh back what I up there said,
The judges now your poem have read,
You must have caused such merriment,
When all the rules of prose you bent,
Congratulations, for your sin,
Of slothfulness gets you a win!
Yahoo, Congratulations Noel!
Noel so glad to see you with the winners!

Great job.

God bless~
It's a good thing the ribbon and banner were already placed at the top of this because I know you'd be to lazy to attach it yourself. Congrats on your Editor's Choice award! :)
Your title was so apt it caught my lazy eye right away! Very clever poem!
What impressed me the most was the typo errors that went uncorrected. How often can an obvious lack of professionalism become the proof of high quality writing? We will NEVER know if you intended it that way. (But I'm sure you did!)
Brilliant, clever, funny - just loved this.
Not many people can really do the 'Be still" thing but I think you can.

Fun read!