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Clever and insightful way of bringing the topic to life.

Well done.

God bless~
I know I may be your husband but I really did love this story. It shows that sometimes what you think you want is not really what is good for you. The saying the grass is greener on the otherside may be true but they don't tell you its covered in nasty bacteria.

Also please don't check the bank statements. Your necklace will arive via amazon next week :)
You've clearly stuck your neck out, and I like your light, self-deprecating touch as you build the suspense. And welcome to Masters!!!!
Thanks for your kind comments. I'd just like to clarify that this piece is entirely fictitious. Kat x
I love this fast moving tale and the way you skilfully covered the topic. Sunday's entry, 'It's a sign, even the Lord is calling me to buy it,' tickled me pink, but not as much as the vision of you curled up on the door mat guarding the letterbox. Just wondered... Is Alan Kane's claim to be your OH fictitious too?
A great story. It is true how lust not only wants more, but also causes other sins like lying.

I couldn't figure out what OH stood for until the very end with your explanation. Would it have been better to put it in parentheses at the very beginning?

Great job! I loved it. Blessings, LaVonne
this piece is wonderfully original! wow!

It was fast moving and down to earth at the same time! great job!!!!!

You are quite talented!
It's wonderful how just two words can paint a picture in your mind. Grouchy Assistant says it all. Great job! I too was confused by OH. Glad for the explanation at the end.
The most delightful thing I've read in a while! Your format and self-deprecating humor are just priceless. And your message is so clear without being preachy.
Brilliant... I loved it!
Well done!
Congratulations on placing for this wonderful piece!
God bless~