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Wow, this hits close to home. I found that my neighbor, who would visit to use my computer for supposed "job-searches", was perusing some of those detestable sites. It was discovered after he one time forgot to erase the browsing history. That's when I realized I needed to set certain safeguards on my computer. We don't have children at home anymore, but it appears the "parental controls" were still needed anyway.

You did a good job of building the sadness of the tale, and then leaving us with an "ahh" of relief at the end. Good work!
Reality is hard to deal with. Yet, life in the real world is filled with perversion. Thanks for the reminder. God is still in control and Light overcomes darkness...

Wing His Words,
Whoa..what an awesome story. I was heartbroken for the MC until the very end, when I found out Bill was really a good guy. What a relief.

You put the reader through all sorts of emotions, and finally, WHEW!

Great writing, as usual. This one is a winner, in my book.

Blessings, Lynn
Unfortunately lustful temptations offered freely on the internet is a sad reality in today’s world. And that some would use others computers to cover their tracks into that dark world, seems to be an all too frequent occurrence. This is a good message for safe guarding— not only our equipment—but our own hearts— and judgment of another based on assumptions. Good read, good message.
You did a terrific job of building emotion as the paragraphs passed. I, too, felt just sick for the MC. This is such a pervasive problem in our world today, and a relevant use of the topic to alert us all. I would never have thought a neighbor would have taken such advantage of a kindness. Super job!
It's all been said already but I have to add, skilful writing that leaves me in awe of your talent.
Very very good. Thanks for an absorbing read.
I think you did a marvelous job. I thought the computer guy was there to fix pop ups or a virus so the ending took me by surprise. I did believe the husband was innocent and was delighted to find out that he was. Great take on the topic.
Yay, Bill! Boo, Jared! Great job! You have to watch those neighbors. I once knew of a neighbor who put an ad in the newspaper for an estate sale at her next door neighbor's house, while the old lady was in the hospital.