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Superb description of the MC's filthy surroundings, believable dialogue and raw and painful circumstance make this a jarring and noteworthy entry in this weeks challenge.
Oh, this is a gripping piece, indeed. Darkly written and so descriptive, I have to admit I was relieved to see it was fiction, though no doubt reflective of many a true and tragic story. Great job.
The title says it all. Very powerful story and so clear in description I could picture the room.
I am breathless and sad as I read this. something tugging at my heart deep down. What a powerful 'coming of age'. What a story. Very well written. Wow, I'm still shaking a bit. It reads to be so real.

Great job...
Heartrendingly honest and well written.
Oh my goodness! Powerful, intriguing stuff. I am totally in awe of your talent. The winner for sure.
Powerfully entrenching piece of writing that spells drama and will equate into a winner!

I don't visit the brick throwing forum...but I have a pretty good idea who this writer is, and will be congratulating in the winner's circle again very soon!

Excellent writing!

God bless~
Heartbreaking--You left me feeling the MC's grief as though it were my own, then grateful to the good Lord for my father.
Wonderful, enthralling writing. Thanks for highlighting the harsh unpleasant realities of our sad society. the only piece that didn't seem true to me was the ending. I think she would have been more traumatized. Well done.
No surprise! As I've mentioned in my prior comments...I knew this was you and you'd be here this week again.

CONGRATS! Excellent work.

God bless~
Ann, you have done it again. You are truly a master writer, given a great gift by the Master Himself. I don't think there's a single one of your stories that hasn't left me stunned by the talent He has given you.


You are an outstanding writer, I just wanted to tell you what you must already know! LOL.

I would be beyond shocked not to see your name in the EC's or winner's circle each and every week. I think you've been a winner since you've come back to write once again!

Outstanding! Did you write any books? I would love to read them.

What is your article for this week?

I didn't enter this week, I think I'm going to take a r couple of weeks off and merely enjoy the other people's entries, such as yours!

God bless~
Congratulations. I echo every word already written above.Blessings.