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You never fail to amaze and delight with your tales!
What a delight you write! I cannot believe that I guessed who wrote this as soon as I started my weekly search for you! Never boring . . .
All of it is great, but the last line is my favorite!
This was great, Noel. Not your usually puniness, but an excellent retelling of a biblical classic.

You picked me up with the first line and I was carried along gleefully to the last. One of the easiest reads I've had in a while.

And I don't think it was so far off-topic as you might think - the love and grace Jesus showed to this man is the stuff of legiond.

Sorry, couldn't resist. :)
I really enjoyed this. I loved the humour, especially the last line.
Well done in all aspects. This well known Biblical story is an interesting approach to the topic...but then again, your style of writing and your mind are always interesting.

Good job.

God bless~

God bless~
Noel, you are such a creative writer! I began reading this entry earlier in the week, but a phone call interrupted and I never got back to it until now.

Congratulations on taking the #1 spot this week! Well earned confirmation.
Whoa! 1st place EC and 1st place in Masters! It doesn't get any better than that! Wow.

Congrats, congrats!
Seeing this as a winner really made me smile...especially knowing your doubts about it being on-topic enough. :)

It just goes to prove that you're at your best when you have no clue what you're doing (that's a "set-up" if I ever wrote one).

Now this is how to teach the Bible! I was so inspired by the way you told the story. It would catch the attention of all ages.

Congrats on your win!

Wow what a brilliant retelling. I've always wondered about the people who owned the pigs and the man possess. You did this justice. I was riveted from the very beginning. Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!
What a wonderful tale you weave! Loved it! Congratulations and Bravo!
Congratulations - a very worthy winner. Loved it.
Congratulations, Noel! Your win is well deserved for this wonderful recount of the Bible story. It's engaging and puts us right there, in the scene. Great writing!
Congratulations on your win! It was well deserved. I think Jesus is smiling over your story. I am too.
Yay and congratulations on your well deserved first place win.
I'm well acquainted with mental illness and your story was a delight for me. I loved your humor with the topic. It was well-crafted and really deserving of 1st place. Congratulations!
This is a fantastic, masterfully crafted account of this Bible story. I especially appreciated the names "Army" and "Big Sarge" and the touches of humor you draw out for your reader. Congrats on a well-deserved 1st place EC!
Congrats on your well deserved