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I enjoyed this tender story of God's special grace in providing love.
I loved the emotional depth and realism in this piece and the lesson about love. The line 'Ethan cannot take Joshua's place but he can take Ethan's place' did not make sense to me at first, but then I understood it. It reminds me that God loves us with the love with which He loves Christ. Well written
Wow, great story, I really liked it. It's real life stuff.
I love the way that, although the pain is so palpable in this story, there is so much hope at the end. Thank you for sharing
Fabulous piece of storytelling here my dear. Deeply felt and enjoyed.
Beautiful, poignant. I wish I had your originality . . .
Such an entertaining story with a fabulous message.

Well done.

God bless~
Such a powerful story. So hard to know what to mention first so many excellent sequences.
Thanks for telling this story. It is a great reminder of God's love and grace shining through the midst of someone's brokenness and pain, taking those shattered pieces and making something new and beautiful.

Shalom --
Excellent and supremely enjoyable read.
Good work!
There is so much depth to this piece. The paperweight is palpable, both as a physical reminder of his son, and as a symbolic reminder of his grief.

You show us so much of your MC's character and emotional state without bogging down into the monotony of just telling it to us.

I also love how you gave us the added dimension of time passing and not having all of this just occur within the moment of where your story began with the paperweight. It's a fine writing device that I feel doesn't get used enough.

Great job!

God bless~
What a profound and sensitive insight on some of the struggles that can persist behind the pulpit. Great job, and congratulations on your placing.
Congratulations. Loved this. Blessings