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This is an amazing, well written , touching and emotional story.

You captured me and held me captive until the final word.

I expect this to rank very highly with the judges.
Oh my goodness...this was brilliant and touching at once. It pulled at my heartstrings and kept me riveted with each passing word. I was right there with the MC!


God bless~
A fitting title; a compelling read. Well done.
What more can be said? This story is heart wrenching and uplifting all at once. It unimaginable to me how children survived such things, although I know that somehow they did.

Your story, though, brought it to life and almost made me know what it was like, although I'm sure it was much worse.

This is truly the work of someone who deserves to be called a master writer.
Wonderful, captivating, moving story. Very well written.
You wrote this as if you had lived through this period. You made me feel, see, hear, touch and finally understand the incredible why of this story. Masterful job indeed 0 and a winner in my book!
As always, you take your reader with you on an incredible journey. Your graphic descriptions make the story come alive.
Touching and beautiful. Almost like a diary in description. I could feel the confusion and fear.Loved this.
What a lovely tribute to the brave 'saviors' of unjustly hated children. Nicely done.
I loved this story. Thanks for writing.
Well written, sad, yet triumphant story.

It's amazing any child could be so quiet.
I was so angry when I began reading, that the MC was being treated so cruelly. Then, not quite half way through, I 'got it.' Such a powerful piece of writing and so very worthy of 1st place. Blessings, Helen.
Brilliant writing. Captivating story. All the way through I was thinking of the Diary of Anne Frank, and hoping the outcome wouldn't be the same. A well deserved placing. Congratulations.
Not suprised to see you in the winners circle my friend!

Fantastic job...excellent piece of writing.


God bless~
Congrats...I expected this would place well and it did.
I held my breath, hoping for freedom for the little girl. Well done, Ann. Captivating. Brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations.
I couldn't NOT finish reading after I started the first sentence. Great!