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Wow, this is a powerful piece. You developed the conflict right off and kept my eyes riveted on the page. This line should be in the hall of fame for best showing not telling line:Old Eddie sighed from the toes of his boots.
It's brilliant and even poetic. You should be giving lessons about bringing a story to life. I love this piece.
You did an amazing job creating a heart warming story with such a strong character. I was there and felt his emotions. Even the ending was perfect. You're a talented writer.
An avid animal lover myself, this story pulled at my heartstrings and didn't let go.

Animal lovers/owners pray for their beautiful best friends to go peacefully in their sleep, and this story was the answer to all those who have loved and love their pets.

Well written and moving piece.

God bless~
Wow! This brought to mind, vividly, my own story of a boy's best friend. I think I may have to write about it soon. You described the feelings so accurately and so poetically.

This man was doubly blessed. Saved from suicide by a dog appearing out of nowhere to be his constant companion, then saved at the last second from putting the dog down himself.

Someone was looking out for him...wonder who that could have been?

You did a masterful job of telling this story. Thanks so much for sharing. And, yes, my dog really is psycho. She ate part of the house!
Brilliant for how you've brought us into the whole scenario and drawn us into the anguish of your MC. Creative descriptions that truly show as well as tell.
I loved this story, not only its excellent, well developed story line but also its setting.

Maybe because I know the language of the fell (my mum was a nor yorkshire lass)I heard the brilliance of the accent in what you wrote.

Maybe, for me, that didn't quite go far enough however. I can't imagine the word 'whatever'(line 7) coming from such a mouth... more like "Eh, by gum, what's the world cumin' to."

I loved this line: boots thatll never see muck.

Brilliant from beginning to end.
Oh wow this animal lover is crying at your tribute of pet companion love.

Yes dogs do smile and read our emotions almost perfectly.

My husband thinks they are furry angels we entertain.

You captured the relationship perfectly.
Awww... Wonderful story.
Just hugged my dog. Great story!
Ahhhh! (That's me screaming) congratulations! First place overall! Can I touch your hand? I'm honored to do my happiest Happy Dance ever! Eeeeeeee! Happy Happy Dance!
Congratulations Danielle!
Beautiful and poignant piece.

God bless~
Congrats on first place. Incredible writing.
This story is marvelous in every way--perfect for first place in EC! Congratulations.
I am so happy this story took first place! Great job Danielle, and congratulations!
Numero uno this time. And so well-deserved. Beautifully crafted work.
So pleased you won!
Congratulations, Danielle, and thanks for writing this beautiful, moving story. Your win is so well deserved. This was a keep-reading story where nothing jarred. Just lovely!