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Shake, shake, shake! I can visualize animation salt and pepper characters involved in conflict and competition!

Wing His Words
Oh, yes, this is by far the most creative piece of writing you have done thus far. Salt will win every time, and this is a most delightful way of telling it. I, too, could see the salt and pepper shakers talking.

You never disappoint, and this is genius! Excellent writing, my friend.
This is quite creative. I knew right away the MCs were salt and pepper, but didn't think of white pepper to the end. I truly enjoy reading the personification of inanimate objects. I did get a bit confused about who was who. I'm not sure if it would have been possible to do taglines, but I think it would help it click more. You definitely covered the topic in a fresh and interesting way. The Bible verse tied in with the message in a grand way.
I read this article 3 times, and each time I found something that I did not see the previous read. A great article no doubt, and one that should do very well. I love your work, and look forward each week for a special treat!

God Bless!
A fun piece to read. Good job. It is a joy to read something that tickled your senses. I am 65 and feel like I have lived a sheltered life. I asked my wife if she had ever seen white pepper and she hadn't. What world am I living in? Enjoyed.
This is an absoultely delightful read! I had to go read it again, once the shakers had been identified. I loved it and the vivid truth it displayed. Since we can only get black pepper where we live, I can only say that I do love a bit of black pepper on most foods. Maybe I'll look for some white pepper when home next. Thanks for putting a smile on my face to begin the morning.
Clever and enjoyable!