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Enjoyed reading this humorous poetic ditty on one man's impending demise. The end did confuse me a bit. Was the man merely dreaming his family was only after his money and despised him, but the truth was they actually loved him?
Interesting piece. Well done!

God bless~
I really enjoyed your amusing poem but was expecting a 'serve them right' ending. However, the positive ending was a nice touch. Well done!
Great poem with perfect rhyme, rhythm, and meter. Thanks for sharing this excellent piece.
Yes,to me, this poem is very well written. It's excellent. I do agree however with some of the comments, as I was a bit confused as well. I read your explanation and I understand it. However these first four verses were so engaging and even funny, that it was hard for me to suddenly be convinced that this old man was sure about the love of his family again. It seems to me that since you are such a good poet, it would have not been too hard to add a few more verses so it would have all been more clear. Howver, I am not much of a poet myself, so I hardly know what I am talking about. As far as the poem itself and its technique, it's one of the better ones I've read.
I love this just the way it is! I really wish I had not read your explanation, because I lost some of the surprise. It is obvious to me that your MC is suffering from some sort of break with reality that makes him believe that what he dreams is real and he keeps re-writing his will based on these delusions, only to find the all of the other wills in his drawer and realize that he is imagining things over and over again. That realization makes him remember the truth of the fact that his family loves him.

What a great story, told so eloquently in verse.
Funny how dreams can seem so very real. Loved your poem:)
Fun! Maybe we all need a file that reminds us of things we forget....
Nice rhythm. It flows beautifully. I admit that I was confused at first, but figured it out by the end. Great job.
Very well written! I admire writers that can pull off poetry like this.

I read it after reading your explanation on the forums, so I can't really comment on if I would have been confused about the ending. With your explanation it was very clear to me.

My only recommendation would be to maybe make the man's realization that it was all a bad dream a bit clearer at the end, but doing that might have messed with the flow of the poem.

I enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing!
Very interesting and actually a bit disturbing.

I wonder how many dying men and women suffer through unfounded suspicion of their loved ones loyalties...

Better to be poor and loved for who we are and not what we have-I think.
The stories told by nursing home residents resound in this. Tragic, yet magically engrossing. Love it.