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Wow --- that was some story and some ending. Excellent writing here.

God bless~
I think this was a great piece of writing. Well structurted, it flowed well and it really spokte to me. I had to smile many a time throughout reading it. Could see the old grumpy Martin, and yet felt his frustrations. You tied it up nicely with the appropiate ending. So a real thumbs up. Well done.
Oh my! Every writer hopes it doesn't end that way, with no published works and just a bunch of hand-written (or computer written)stories that may or may not get read.

Very well written story. Blessings, LaVonne
Very depressing, this entry is. Way too close to home. Ouch! Well-written though.
This made me think of my grandma. As far as I know she has never attempted publishing anything but has written our family history from the past several generations. A family with a grandpa like Martin has a treasure that no amount of published work can match!
Good job!
Wow! Not the ending I was expecting, but wow! I loved the dialogue. Great job.
I am this man when he was in his thirties. I hope that my writing journey ends better than his did, but I think you captured the pain and frustration of the writing business and trying to break into it.

Very well written. I don't know if this was written based on your own frustrations, but if so, hang in there and keep writing stuff like this. Trust me, people won't see it as kindling for a fire. :)
Just the other day had the good fortune to find and watch movie 'The Magic of Belle Isle' with Morgan Freeman as the cranky old school writer and could just picture your MC filling that role.

You did a wonderful job portraying the old refusing to bend to the new.

Well done!
There should be a level beyond "Masters". A delightful yet poignant read. Thank you.
I thoroughly enjoyed the reflections of your MC. Great character development and story line.
Congratulations for ranking 34th overall! Happy Dance!