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This is so dead-on right with describing our world today and pretty much every single day on this planet.
This article should do well in the rankings for sure. I look forward to your next article.
This left my heart in my throat. What a powerful and emphatic message this sends and is worthy of top honors.

Time stood still when I read the last line. It really packs a punch.

Your talent shines through on this one! Blessings....
The frightening reality is that you are so right. The question some may ask is: What brought us to this point?"
Great article... spot on in regard to how prophesy is being fulfilled right before our eyes.
Excellent! Right on and superb ending!
Congrats on your HC! Happy, happy day!!!!!
Congratulations on the HC! Well deserved. Blessings!
Congratulations again on the EC! Sorry I missed that one! This really is just an excellent poem!
Wow what an intense piece. You instilled such a sense of sadness. Your last line was sheer brilliance. The idea of God doing the faceplant is creative and out of the box. This piece will stick with me for a long time. Congratulations on your well-deserved EC! Happy, happy dance!
And congrats on your EC
You have crafted a heart-stopping piece here. I'm in absolute silence considering the truth in your message, and totally in awe of your work. So few words to bring home this powerful zinger. Congrats on your well-deserved E.C.
Surely all creation groans as it awaits His arrival. Your words are powerful! Excellent writing. Congrats on your EC!
I just happened to be revisiting old Challenge submissions and came across this. You described current events with a paucity of words but with a powerful impact. I love how you make the case, then end with a grand finale.

Belated congratulations on your win!
ummm... powerful prose leaving me shaking my head at the reality of how far we have fallen.