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This is great. I love it. A lifelong friend of mine told me she had the family Easter celebration at her house, and as they all filed in she held an Easter basket for them to put their cell phones and i pads in. They had a wonderful Easter without them!

Very well written, and an excellent write. Funny, since this topic, I haven't been on my computer as much.

I think I smell a winner!
And meant to add I love the message it sends! Blessings...
I love this as well. I think many people do long for a respite from the world, an opportunity to cut themselves out of digital society and go into the garden, so to speak, to commune with God. They just don't know how to do it. Others, amazingly, are truly afraid that everything will fall apart if they disengage for a few days. It used to be so easy to break away, just physically take yourself to some remote place, but the digital world can reach you just about anywhere now...these days it takes a little more work.

You did a great job on this piece and the writing and characters were excellent. Thanks for sharing.
I actually went to a retreat that was like what you said. They wouldn't even let you wear a watch. In the morning you couldn’t get up until you heard the bell. I have a coworker it seems like she is always on her cell phone. When she drives into the parking lot she's on her phone. I thin her whole life would end if her phone broke.
110% dead-on accurate! A great article that hit home with me. I do not care for cell phones (they do not work within miles of my home). I think God has to smile when we back away from technology, and head for God's word.
You write fantastic articles that teach what God lays on your heart. God speaks clearly through your articles. I am looking forward to reading your Omnishambles article.

God Bless!