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Poetry perfection... the rhyme spot on and the flow was smooth and easy. The message right on topic. Good job!
A poem of technology is no easy task, but you make it look effortless. A planned break is not a bad idea. Good rhythm and great writing. :-)
Great poem this, I love it. Excellent rhyming, scanning - and many a smile! Excellent.
You certainly haven't lost your touch. This was a delightful read. The pace was pretty close to perfect, it was right on topic and you've mastered the ability to put together impactful verses without having to use what my aunt used to call "$3 words".

This poem was wonderfully simplistically complicated.
Very nice - fun and enjoyable read - kept my attention and definitely could relate. Terrific piece!
Your poem is right on topic and delightful all the way through!
What an excellent double sided ode; it sang a valid love song while at the same time explaining the need for time out.

It is so hard with poetry to give valid critiques and I am not qualified to do so. However, I stumbled a few times with syllable count; rhythm. Of course, that could just be me and mixtures of rhythm sometimes do throw me off.

The flow and rhyme made it an enjoyable read with a great message.

This is a wonderful poem full of wit and wisdom! I enjoyed reading it very much. It makes you want to read it again & again for the pure enjoyment it provides.
Loved the comment about the cell phone weighing about nine hundred pounds. I recall my first back in 1995, and it was about one thousand pounds!

Great job

God bless~
Very cute - very real! This was fun to read.
What a fun read, I loved it! I enjoy writing this style, you did it so cleverly well and humorous! Its true those first cells weighed 900 pounds!
Congratulations Joanne! I'm in awe of this. I wish I could do that!
Congratulations, dear Joanne! So pleased for you! God bless!
Many many congratulations Joanne - this so deserved to win. A really great poem.
Congratulations, Joanne! First place after a long hiatus is quite impressive.
Congratulations!!! What FUN poem about something you take very seriously. Well done. :)
This poem really caught my eye
for all the truth within...
Technology still baffles me!
Congratulations, Friend!
Congratulations Joanne! A well-deserved win for this great poem.
Congratulations and welcome back to a new, wonderful return. I already knew I loved this creative poem, but I'm thrilled to see you sitting on top of EC!
Great to see you back in the challenge! Congrats! You did a fine job.
congratulations on a very very worthy win. This poem had a lovely flow and a great message. Beautifully written too.
Yay for you!
I'm going to try the fast from technology per your creatively crafted advise.
Yay, JO!

This category fit you perfectly. The poem flowed easily over my tongue, with humor and seriousness coming through loud and strong. Well done!
Teehee! I love the light and easy flow of this. It's so true what a difference a little time away can make, huh? I loved the humor in here, glad I finally got to read it. Great job, JJ!! (and congrats! <3 )
Congratulations Joanne! A much deserved win!
Continued Blessings upon you, your family and ministry....

Wing His Words
Hi Joanne! Thank you very much for reading and critiquing my song. I found your advice helpful and I do know what stresses are (even though I didn't know what they were called) and I'll keep working on the verses.

Anyway... I love this poem! It's funny, true, and an important reminder to turn off your gadgets now and then to spend some time in the real world. Flowed perfectly. No complaints!