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Ha! Grandma is absolutely charming. Thank you for this fun read.
Another fitting example of the world around changing against our will. I'm with Grandma. She's got it going on. Well done.
Smiling & loved it!

God bless~
Very entertaining story. You paint the picture well. I especially like your comments about Grandma because I can relate. "She was a short woman - even with him sitting, it didn't require much bending over for her" fittingly describes my vertical challenge at 4'10" - I laughed really hard. Thanks for the funny reality.
Am still chuckling - just love Grandma, and I think I'm on her side! (I had never heard this word until it appeared on the Challenge topic last week!) Great writing and thanks for the smiles!!
As a former eighth grade English teacher, I found this especially interesting and realistic--not to mention fun!
Oh goodness gracious, I'm still smiling ear to ear.

Brilliant use of the topic and in my opinion spot on appropriate.

You made it so easy to envision the MC's feisty 'lil gramma tossing the 'ancient' book on his desk.

I enjoyed this very much. The teenager trying to eke out his minimum words was realistic as was the grandmother's disbelief at the new word. You've written with humor and done it very well.
Am so glad this wonderful piece received a high placing - many congratulations! Still smiling at Grandma!
Congrats on a great piece and a fine second.

God bless~
Congratulation! I love this, Joe, and can only add to the numbr who stand with Grandma. God bless you.
What a cute story, Joe. Congratulations on your placement. God bless!
Congratulations on your fine win in Master's level. Quite a feat! Great story...
Ha. That was a fun read.
God bless you.