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I have often found answers and joy in a coffee shop. Wonderful story about confusion and answers we weren't expecting. Just a small part of me wishes I knew more about what the MC's problem was, but just a small part.
I love a story like this. God showed up in a coffee shop just like he did in my hospital room several years ago. People don't believe it's true.

You reached out and grabbed the reader with this one, and held them till the end.

VERY well done!
I could picture him every step of way. You held my interest till the end. I would like to know the argument and what God had to say that would change his attitude. I think that would help readers believe God could solve their problems as well.

I realize the word limit is too short hear, but could be expanded into a longer story later.

Great job! Vonnie
Imaginative, engrossing and most enjoyable.
I really enjoyed your story and the miracle of the coffee shop and the person (angel?) there. Well written.
I like to see a character develop and change. Your story did not disappoint. It was good to see a peace come over him with the realization that God cares.
There was a movie we watched recently in our church, very similar to this scenario, but it had additional people in there too.

Nicely done, and well delivered!

God bless~
I loved this! Great story and the good old coffee shop angels!! Very creative but I wanted to know more about .. Bit more backstory, though a great read!
Well I'm not qualified for red ink, but I know a good tale when I read one and yours was definitely a good read.
Congratulations on ranking 22 overall! Happy Dance!
What a great beginning! You had plenty of tension from the first sentence; I was hooked! You showed emotion throughout your story with vivid description.

Just a suggestion, but I think I would have been able to relate to your MC more if you had let me in on what was troubling him early in the story.

Your story leaves me thankful to be in the hands of a loving Saviour who cares about our pain and gives us Himself. I look forward to reading all of your entries!