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Oh my goodness! I think you've actually outdone yourself in this wild parody of humor and puns!

You are beyond description, and truly one of a kind my friend!

I loved this-- Absinthe made the heart grow fonder.

And of course a big fan of the "old Pink Panther movies" with Inspector Clouseau

You've engaged me in a sheer madcap of folly and genius.

Merci Beaucoup Monsieur

God bless~

Good Gracious me. I hope she wasn't referring to de knickeur l'astique!

Well, this is quite crazy but I loved it. It made me chuckle all the way 'til je finis.

I guess I know comment vous appelez vous!
I am not a fan of puns, but the Toulouse-Lautrec line had me laughing out loud. Comedic brilliance.

Only note I have is I believe you have an extra word in here: "... that paintings had suffered a continuing slingshot effect which had kept them crashing them into each other..."

I needed a chuckle tonight and I thank you for giving it to me. This was a joy.
Brilliant and funny. This is the kind of writing that tells me I will never make it in Master's level. So smooth and flawless with that special touch of humor that no one else can duplicate.

Excellent writing here!
I'm not sure which I enjoyed more the 'collide-oscope of colour' or reading the last line out loud in my pseudo 'accent.
Delightful plays on words--as usual!
I see that some things never change. Truly awful - in the best sense! Oddly enough, I quite enjoyed paras 3 &4 and wondered where you might have gone with that.
Brilliant and funny as usual. My favourites were the puns about Venus de Milo. You seem to be hard-wired for puns. Maybe you should make pins.
I can see the scenario now-- You almost lost an ear while these artists left their voices in your head making this entry churn inside you (P)bi-cas-so many artists wanted their story told. You are par excellence and nonpareil in your story-weaving ability, truly! The French touch was downright fun! You will be Rembrandt-ed a long time for this entry! I'm still smiling!