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Your poem is great but it was kind of difficult to read the way it's posted.

Was that an accident or did you you write it like that?

Nice poem though
Exquisite! Exquisite! Exquisite!
This is just Wonderful! And I LOVE the form, it gives perfect pause effect—allowing the reader to soak in each vision and sound before moving on to the next. Yet at the same time the poem as a whole gives a unified and glorious scene of life around the Thrown of God. And the form makes us “feel” the topic, in the endless echo’s of praise! Masterful in its simplicity!
Poems aren't usually my forte' but this really resonated with me. I could almost hear it as a song. It gave me goosebumps, and I reckon if God gets goosebumps, then the poem gave him them as well. I can feel the Spirit speaking through your words and your love and passion emanates from the page.
I try not to read comments before I post so as to not be influenced by them. I disagree about it being difficult to read. I think the lack of punctuation serves the point of the poem. There is no interruption once we get to Forever. God is in every word, every person just everywhere. There are no lines to spend time with Him, there is no screen separating us from him. I think the repetition was used wisely and impacted me in a special way. There wasn't too much repeating or too little. The number three is a powerful number in the Bible. I worry that I may miss quite a bit in poetry, and there probably are more things in yours that went over my head, but I suspect one day it will be clear and I could even see the angels singing it.
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