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Oh my goodness, what a laugh! The methodized chaos of this was clever and creative and caused me no suffering at allexcept for almost chocking on my sandwich (that I had so foolishly taken a bite of just before beginning to read this) with laughter. Entertaining read! Great job!
YOU'RE BACK!!! Hahahaha.
Excellent and so much fun.

Great job...God bless~
I had read only a few lines and was thinking of telling you to stick to the day job - politely of course. However, by the time I'd reached the end I was rolling on the floor laughing. Only you could write something so badly and make it sound goodly! Loved it!
Thanks for your lesson in what to avoid when creating smooth rhymed verse. Actually you must have worked harder at this than a straight forward poem. Thanks for the smiles.
I agree with everyone, that was great, I really enjoyed it.

You did a wonderful job, thanks for sharing it.
I didn't suffer for one second. In fact I found myself grinning, chuckling and nodding my head. Some people make writing poetry look easy, but anyone who has ever attempted it, knows it is anything but! I think you did a splendid job, but then my mind tends to ramble and my last lines often go on and on. :)
I had a hunch that this one had to be yours, but didn't know for sure until I saw your brick. You really are a hoot, my friend!
ha ha
I could say, I suppose,
You should stick to prose,
But I have read verse,
Which is marginally worse!
You made me laugh!

I could say, I suppose,
You should stick to your prose,
But I have read some other verse,
Which is marginally worse!
(You made me laugh!)
(A correction of my previous comment!)
Your brilliant humor and style of writing shines in this one. Always a pleasure to read your work. Excellence in words!
Who knew that you were a poet? :) I've heard that writing poetry is quite addicting, and now that you've gotten your feet wet, I'll expect prolific-ness . Besides you owe it to your readership. :) This was quite entertaining and creative. I especially loved that extra long line in your first stanza, the new word your coined, "anza," and your author's endnote. :)
"No anza"? Genius! That was delicious to read.
Thoroughly enjoyable and clever of course.
Congratulations on your receiving EC! God bless!
Congrats Noel on your EC!
God bless~
Happy Dance and congratulations!
Congratulations, friend, on your well deserved EC! This was a delight to read...blessings.
This is great
I can relate
"From Bad to Verse"
has cracked the slate
But wait! Did I say I relate?

In every way. Congratulations.
What... Another?
Listen brother,
Bad verse good,

More from you,
Next week will do.
Do your worst,
You might come first!

A jolly big fat
CONGRATS to you!

From one poet to another now--I enjoyed the quirkiness that must have birthed this entry. Congrats on your EC placement.
Noel, you came in number eight.
That is cool, yes that is great.
Hone your versing skills a bit,
And you'll have a number one hit.
Great job, Noel. Congratulations! I love you quirkiness.
Congratulations Noel on your EC win! Obviously you are a better poet than you give yourself credit for! :)
So happy for you, this deserved a win, it was so cute, clever and downright funny!