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When reading Jakes reply, I replied what? right along with Jesus! Ive always wondered why so many people try to make the gospel more complicated, or hard to understand than it is! Or why people think using big words makes them seem more intelligent, than intelligent use of plain, ordinary language! And trying to sound intelligent with big words should certainly take a backseat to simply demonstrating a sound understanding when it comes to preaching the gospel! This was such an enjoyable read, full of imagination, humor and pearls of wisdom! Great job!
Oh yes, I like this one very much, exotic (WOW!) words and all. And yes, it would have been nice ......
God bless you.
Great story, thank you for sharing it. You're right, that would be something, wouldn't it??

Quick note about punctuation, I think the majority of your dashes would be happier as commas. But since some of the decision between the two is based on how important the author thinks the fragment/clause is to the sentence, I could certainly be incorrect. Also, the semicolon in the first sentence needs two independent clauses on either side of it.

I enjoyed your entry, well done!
What a wonderful, inspiring story. You never disappoint. I thought this was well written and since you once helped me with my punctuation that got me a win, I can only believe yours is spot on. Thanks for this uplifting read. I needed it this morning. Blessings, Lynn
I enjoyed this entry very much. It is so true we can tend to use words in un-unchurched world that they have no understanding of, when we have the example of Jesus himself using "life examples" to teach.

Thanks for the reminder.
Your words humble me. I have quite the nasty habit of flinging some incomprehensible words and phrases - but most often in laughing at myself.

You are so right - the simple, honest and courageous words of His Gospel are taught as to hungry children.

I love your first sentence, by the way. I appreciate your heart for our Lord . . .
Excellent message. This was an infinite pleasure to read, as it touched my heart.

God bless~
Congrats on your well deserved placement. Actually, I thought it should have been higher!

Congrats Noel! Another fine story notched on your belt of success.

God bless~
Wow! That would be something... also so many lessons in this story.
Congratulations on your EC!
This is awesome. You did a wonderful job of thinking outside the box on this one! Your humor always makes me smile, but your message in this one touched my heart more than I could ever say. As my son is in the middle of seminary, I think I'll pass it on to him. The advice is timeless and works for minister and layperson alone. Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!!
Your creativity and descriptions were great, "the guerrilla raids and their powerful weapons." :) I appreciated the allusions to other Bible verses, (hearts burning, the "set aside" aura). And then there's Jake and his exotic terminology. LOL! I loved Jesus' response, "What?" Your ending statements left me thinking. Super congrats on your EC!
Absolutely wonderful entry! Thanks for the use of your imagination to show profound and real truth. God bless.
Congratulations Noel on EC for a very interesting story. Loved the pun in the first paragraph.
Noel, again I find your writing astonishing and liberating. Thank you, and Congratulations!
Excellent! Hooked me in and kept me there. Great message. Congrats... yet again.
Clever, entertaining, and applicable. Thanks for the generous lesson.