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This is a absolutely brilliant entry! Loved the visual impact! Loved the analogy of the food to Colins life! Loved how you wove the topic back and forth! Loved the message! Loved the perfect ending! Just MASTERFULLY done!
This is a spectacular allegory. The ending was perfect! Things are always good long past the best by date, but then people are too. Great take on the topic! I totally enjoyed this.
This was an excellent piece! It was spot on with the topic and harbored many different messages. I loved the expire allegory.

God bless~
This is such a moving and touching story. I did keep hoping someone in the grocery store would offer him a job, but I'm just a sucker for a happy ending. Great writing!
Congrats! God bless~
Congratulations on a very memorable story.
I just knew this would be a winner and so well deserved! Congratulations Gerald!
This was such a moving and heartfelt piece. I faced a similiar situation of finding employment a few years ago. Fortunately, God gives us value. If we know Him, there is no expiration date up in heaven.
Congratulations! God bless you.
KJV Hebrews 10:26-31
KJV Revelations 14:12
Congratulations on your well deserved win with this clever analogy.
What a great story, Gerald. It's relative to the time we live in and so creatively written. Congrats on the many honors you received with this.
I love how the protagonist is unwittingly acting like his rejecters until his thoughts turn full circle. The internal dialogue is marvelous; it is brilliant and engaging in an understated way which is what makes your story a hands-down winner.
Just now seeing this, my friend! I know someone who feels just like your MC... I can see how this would resonate with so many people. I can see how it is in the running for Best of the Best. Good luck and God bless.
Congratulations!! This should be required reading for every employer! Let them know how it feels to be told you are to old or overqualified! Love It!
Oh, this is great. I especially loved him talking to the milk at the end... Just hope a potential employer doesn't see THAT. ;)

Congrats on 2nd place in BoB this year!
Amazing how few words are needed to tell a GREAT story. Thanks, and congrats!