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This is a lovely poem of how the beauty and wonder of nature reflect God's character. It's uplifting to read this with your wonderful use of rhyme, wording etc. Just one question: Does the shape mean something that I haven't picked up on?
Full of "examples" of the evidence of God and masterfully written. I don't know how you do it. Your poems always make me smile.

Blessings, Lynn
Thank you both for the lovely comments. Ellen: Yes, there is a significance to the formatting... sorta. I view creation as a flowing thing, so when I finished this poem the hard lines looked too rigid for the content. I matched 'em.
I'm no judge of poetry, but anyone who can weave "mountains majesty" and "balls of dung" as effortlessly and naturally as you did has my respect! Beautifully done, and the formatting was a nice touch as well.
I have always wondered how anyone could look at the wonder of mankind and nature, and not believe in God. You have just emphasized that thought in this wonderfully woven poem. Beautifully on topic with all the examples of Gods handiwork! Great job!
This was breathtaking in its entirety, and in its approach of the topic at hand. It touched my heart.

Thank you!

God bless~
Simply stupendous~You are a master craftsman Kenn Allen!
oops Mr. Allan~ sorry
This whole piece is exquisite. I loved every word of it and the formatting was the finishing touch. It was like gentle ripples on a lake and added a soothing atmosphere to your beautiful words.
I knew this one was a winner. Congratulations. Well deserved.
Wow, this is great. You've included quite a number of examples of God's love here. Very creative. Congrats on your 1st place EC!
Congratulations on your EC win with another spectacular prose. How do you do it?
CONGRATULATIONS on your win Kenn! So deserving of the first place win! I loved this when I read it and suspected it would be a winner!
Congratulations! God bless~
You have let your imagination (and ours) soar on the back of the intro to Psalm 19 so beautifully. Congratulations on your win.
Gorgeous poem, Ken! I've been busy completing my next book, but I had to drop in to read this one and to congratulate you on EC.
Congratulations on coming 1st - a well-deserved win. And, thanks for explaining the shape idea which makes sense and was a great addition to the lovely poem.
Congratulations on first place! Your beautiful word choices written in perfect rhythm were a joy to read. Great examples of God's creation!
Wonderfully crafted in all aspects--wording, rhyme, rhythm, content, visually beautiful--and so of course you deserve the honor of first place on EC and the Master lists. I am never disappointed when I read poems you've penned. You are a gifted writer/poet.
Just absolutely beautiful - reminders of Him, through numerous aspects of Hs Creation - and all described in such wonderful verse. So great to read and to think on - thankyou.
Beautiful descriptions with tangible imagery! Congrats on 1st place EC, Kenn!
This is wonderful! Of course, I'd expect nothing less from the one and only Kenn Allen.

Congrats on 3rd place in BoB this year!
Thank you to the judges of the best of year! You gave me the opportunity to read this glorious poem again and to gladden my heart with God's love. Thank you to Kenn Allan again for showing us the love and beauty of the Lord in creation. Love and Beauty can only be reflected in love and beauty, and this poem has both.
Absolutely beautiful work of art! Captivating and inspiring. God has given you an awesome gift to write and we are all blessed to read your work! Live blessed!
A brilliant and skillful reminder of the divine diversity in nature from the great to the small, from the sublime to the ridiculous (I'm not referring to this work but the amazing work of God's hand.)
Congrats on your EC. Well earned.
I absolutely loved reading this. The flow of the words matched as you had hoped it would...the flow of the magnificent gifts from the Masters hand. I am not surprised that you won with this entry. May God continue to bless you as you bless others with the gift he has given you. Thank You.