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When I saw your title, my thoughts immediately jumped to Catan, as my family are regular participants! Thank you for the fun read, and way to win Catan. It sounds like something my sister might do... :)
Oooohhh I love a good twist and I didn't see that coming. Is that a real game? If not, you could have two masterpieces in your hand, ore not, (teehee) I think you did a wonderful job of building the suspense (that pun was unintentional:) ) Also a great take on the topic.

(I'm so glad I checked before hitting submit, the auto correct turned my ooohhhh into Piggy:O)
For me, it was certainly an unexpected twist at the end! Plus I learned something new…I had no idea there was a game called “Catan.” Both the story and the game interesting! Enjoyed the read!