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You have a delightful sense of humor. I chuckled throughout the entire story. I noticed some tiny typos that I'm sure you've spotted, and if like me, could be from waiting to the last minute to submit.: ) They didn't take away from the great story.

For me personally, it felt like you used the topic word a bit much. Even that, though, added to the charming humor.

I love it when parents are humbled by their kids. I've heard that almost exact advice from my kids. I think it amazes me that they were actually paying more attention to me than I thought, which probably is a good and bad thing. This story is a good reminder that kids absorb way more than we think, and that grumbling about Dad in front of them isn't the best idea. This is such a great reminder to everyone. You have a few great messages in here. That's not easy to do with such a limited word count. The ending was perfect. Great job!
Well truthfully, as I read this, I did NOT see the humor in the situation and conversation that Shann did at all... I was plain aggravated reading as the daughter acted so disrespectful to the mom, especially that “she would not allow” her mom to have the lock removed ( irks me children TELLING parents what they can and cannot do!) and then after making herself late, expecting her mom to drive her to school. And the dad, telling the mom, disciplining the daughter “was HER job”. I thought disciplining was the job of both parents! So I felt the dad was also very disrespectful to the mom. And after having those feelings in place, it was hard to tie the end in with the previous actions in my mind. Although the ending was good and spiritually the correct direction, it was hard for me to see it as believable delivered to the mom by such a disrespectful daughter! Hard for me to read the daughter’s actions and then have her turn around and preach to her mom. Personally I ended up feeling the WHOLE family needed to expand way more positively when interacting with each other! I was left feeling the WHOLE family had “a fortress of unbelief” and they ALL desperately needed to “expand”. Maybe the least of all, the mom! But, that was just my personal take on it and the story surely was effective at provoking feelings and emotions in me! :)
My apologies. God help me never again to write something so revolting to my readers. I wish I could delete it from among the entries. Sigh.