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Too fun! I almost wrote about Autosomal dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst, but my story idea was no where near as enjoyable as yours. Thanks for sharing.
One of the things I love about this group and the Writing Challenge is all the new things I learn! Never knew the origin of Achoo. Wow. Very imaginative story.
What a fresh take on the topic! Delightful, most entertaining. Methinks I see a winner . . .
Hysterical. Thanks for the education.
Oh you are always a delight to read. I think you and I are a couple of the grossest people here. I'd rather deal with poo than dentures and you couldn't pay me enough to be a dentist. This is brilliant! Congratulations on ranking 9 in your level and 15 overall!
This is such entertaining writing as always, coming from you, I'd expect nothing less, I lithped (haha). I loved that and talking about getting her choppers when they fell out only you called them something beginning with a 'G,' -- can't remember the term exactly but you know what I mean. The MC and sister were hilarious and so was the lady with the hard to pronounce syndrome which was the whole point of this piece even if that wasn't what she was seeing the doctor for. Congratulations on ranking 9th in your level and 15th over all. Well done girl. Blessings to you.